Nos amis permaculteurs Grecs de Elpidohori, une communauté naissante, organisent un PDC cet été en juin avec Peter Cow.

Étant donné que la plupart des Grecs n’ont pas les moyens de s’offrir un PDC, leur plan est le suivant :

Ils veulent organiser ce PDC en Grèce avec principalement des étudiants étrangers et, avec les revenus de ce PDC, construire une “caravane permacole”. Cette caravane emmènera Peter à travers le pays pendant 3 semaines pour enseigner gratuitement les bases de la permaculture aux Grecs.

Pour plus d’infos, vous trouverez ci-dessous le message original de Jenny (en anglais) avec les liens vers leur site et leur page facebook.

Jenny Evgenia Gkiougki

  • permaculture solidarity project…

    Good day! My name is Jenny, I am writing to you from Greece. I am involved in a small sprouting eco-community in the south of Greece called Elpidohori or Hopeland in English. I am also a Food Sovereignty activist and am very concerned about the effects of the economic crisis to my fellow humans.

    This summer in June we are hosting a PDC -Permaculture Design Course with our tutor coming from the UK -Peter Cow. Since not many Greeks can afford to pay for a full 12-day course we came up with an idea: We will hold the PDC, expecting attendance mainly from foreign people, and with the proceeds we will fund a ‘permaculture caravan’ that will take Peter around the country for 3 weeks teaching the basics of permaculture FOR FREE to Greek communities and other small projects -proving our solidarity with actions!

    So, those attending will get the knowledge they are after, doing so in a beautiful landscape, coming to contact with all of us and learning first hand what are the trials and tribulations of starting up a journey towards self-sufficiency and independence, while being in Greece during the summer with its sunny skies and blue beaches, in an area swarming with historical sites while at the same time HELPING others get the benefit of the permaculture knowledge. We would like to communicate this course to all those that can attend and help us help others in our common destination!

    Please let me know if there is any way that you can assist us with this -either by circulating this information to your contacts, publishing it online or even advertising.

    Thank you for reading this,
    have a great week,
    hoping to hear from you soon

    here are the links to our webpage and to the facebook event page

    Best regards
    Jenny from Elpidohori